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Updated November 21, 2018

Nov Smallbore match results and pictures

December bulletin updates

December/January Shooting Events

Nov 23     John C. Garand Match      Blue & Gray Range                8:00 a.m
Dec 1         Potshots                                 Blue & Gray Range                a.m.
Dec 8        100 Yd M1                               Blue & Gray Range                8:00 a.m
Dec 11       Indoor Pistol                         Larry’s Pistol and Pawn      6:00 p.m.
Dec 15      Precision High Power       Blue & Gray Range                9:00 a.m.
Jan 8         Indoor Pistol                         Larry’s Pistol and Pawn      6:00 p.m.
Jan 12       Potshots                                  Blue & Gray Range                a.m.
Jan 19       Precision High Power       Blue & Gray Range                9:00 a.m.
Jan 26      Potshots                                  Blue & Gray Range                a.m.

All events are open to non-members

Executive Committee Meeting

The December meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. on December 18th at Ted’s BBQ, 8780 Madison Blvd, Madison, AL 35758 (Next to Krystal).  Those planning to have a meal should be there by  5:00p.m.

John C. Garand Match

The Fall Garand Match will be held on FRIDAY 23 November on the Blue and Gray 200 yard range. This will be a 50 round Garand match, followed by a 40 round carbine match and ending with 10 rounds on the pistol range. Garand Match: $20, Carbine Match: $15, or fire both for $30. Pistol Match: $FREE w/$30 match purchase…or $5 without.   Garands and Carbines must be “as issued” to be eligible for any awards; any safe rifle can be fired in the “out of competition” category. Set up/sign up starts at 0700, first round down at 0800 or when first relay is full. A Match Program will be sent out soon.  All proceeds from this match go toward the M1s for Vets Program.  This match was moved due to the lead reclamation project.                                                    McAlister

Frozen Chosin

The Classic Frozen Chosin match is back at the Dam on the 8th of December.  The Frozen Chosin will be back on the 8th of December with a 50 round Garand Match followed by a 50 round Carbine Match. Both matches will be fired on the 100 yard range like all previous Frozen Chosins.  Match grade as well as rack grade Garands and Carbines can be fired in these matches. All rifles must comply with CMP standards. If you don’t have a Garand and would like to come shoot the match with one, a loaner Garand or two will be available along with ammunition (no reloads in loaner guns) at club cost.  Most any safe rifle can be fired out of competition if you just want to come shoot in the match. Range fees are $15 if you have correct change and $20 if you don’t. Sign up / set up will start at 8:30 and first round down at 9:00.   Any questions can be directed to   Send ‘em early as I don’t check that inbox very often.                                      mac

November Smallbore 2018 Results