August/Sept Shooting Events

Aug 2 100 yd High Power B&G Range 9:00 a.m.
Aug 16 Precision High Power B&G Range 9:00 a.m.
Aug 30/31 Appleseed Shoot B&G Range All day
both days
Aug 30/31 1000 yd F Class Championship AEDC Range 8:00 a.m.
Sept 6 100 yd High Power B&G Range 9:00 a.m.
Sept 13 Pot Shots B&G Range 9:00 a.m.
Sept 20 Precision High Power B&G Range 9:00 a.m.
Sept 27 Pot Shots B&G Range 9:00 a.m.

Executive Committee Meeting:

The August meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on August 19th at Greenbrier Restaurant. This is the OLD Greenbrier restaurant about 2 miles north of I-565 exit #3. Those planning to have a meal should be there by 6:00.

Appleseed Shoot:

An "Appleseed" marksmanship training session has been scheduled for the Range for the weekend of August 30/31, 2014. Go to for more information. The Range will be CLOSED for other activities for this event. The pre-registration cost online (or via snail-mail) is $70 for both days, or $45 for one day (either Saturday or Sunday). If we have openings still available on Saturday morning we will take "walk-ons" at $80 for the weekend or $50 for one day until the line is full. Women pay $10. Youths under 21 years of age pay $5. Military, National Guard/Reserve and Police shoot free. Two day shooters get a free T-shirt. Firing will begin at 8:30 both days.
NOTE: The foregoing information is based on LAST year's event. Potential shooters should check the Appleseed website for the latest information.

Combination Change:

The Range lock combinations have been changed. If you have mailed your check in but have not yet received the new combination, call Bobby Clarke on 256 217 1232 (W).

Annual Meeting:

The annual meeting of the Blue & Gray R&P Club was held at the Fraternal Order of Eagles hall on January 21st 2014.
Officers for 2014:
nt - James Moses
Vice Preside
nt - David McAlister

Secretary - Richard Peters
- Ken Miholits

Advisory Committee
Norm Robinson - term expires in 2017
Bobby Clarke - term expires in 2015

Rex Mills - term expires in 2016

Action Taken: It was decided to end our bulk mailing with the Post Office. The members are happy with the e-mail bulletins. Those w/o internet or prefer a hardcopy of the bulletin will CONTINUE to receive a hardcopy.
CLUB PRESIDENT PARANORIA: David Howard is the one that puts the e-mail bulletin out. If anyone is interested in being a back-up to David in this job, contact David at


The Executive Committee has decided to impose a $200 initiation fee on new applicants. In addition, applicants must attend an Exec. meeting to pick up an application.


The Club is conducting an inventory of Club property for the annual report. Anyone possessing club property should report it to David Howard at One item missing is the Ransom pistol machine rest. On a similar note, if anyone wants a non-functional lawn mower, contact David Howard - FREE to a good home.


There has been a serious decline in participation in the High Power Matches over the past year or two. In 2014 we plan to hold the John C. Garand matches and the work parties on the first Saturday of the month. The other dates will be practice matches with a $5.00 charge to cover the cost of targets. If participation picks up we will resume NRA Approved matches. The Retro, M1 and Old Bolt Gun matches will be conducted as previously.