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Updated September 9, 2020

Added  September Bulletin

September/October Shooting Events:

Sep 5              100yd High Power      Blue & Gray Range              9:00 a.m.
Sep 8              Indoor Pistol                  Larry’s Pistol and Pawn    6:00 p.m.
Sep 12            Pot Shots                         Blue & Gray Range               a.m.
Sep 19            Precision Rifle               Blue & Gray Range              9:00 a.m.
Sep 26            Pot Shots                         Blue & Gray Range               a.m.
Oct 3               200yd Prone Match   Blue & Gray Range              8:00 a.m.
Oct 10            Pot Shots                          Blue & Gray Range               a.m.
Oct 10             Smallbore Prone          Blue & Gray Range              8:30 a.m.
Oct 13             Indoor Pistol                   Larry’s Pistol and Pawn    6:00 p.m.
Oct 17             Precision Rifle               Blue & Gray Range              9:00 a.m.
200yd HP/50yd Rimfire
Oct 24            Pot Shots                         Blue & Gray Range               a.m.
Oct 31             Work Party                      Blue & Gray Range               All Day

All events are open to non-members

Monthly Membership Meeting

The September meeting will be held 6:00 p.m. on September 15th at Ted’s BBQ, 8780 Madison Blvd, Madison, AL 35758 (Next to Krystal).  Those planning to have a meal should be there by 5:00

200 Yard Prone Match

Bring out any safe rifle and come spend the morning on October 3rd shooting the all prone 3X600 (reduced) match with us. We will shoot 60 rounds for record on the 200 yard range using the MR-52 (?) target. All sighters will be taken before record firing begins. Targets will be scored and changed every twenty rounds. Iron sights and scoped rifles will be fired as separate classes. Match fee is $15 – exact change (no, I don’t have a five) Set up starts at 7 and firing will begin promptly at 8.

Small Bore Prone Match

The fall Smallbore Prone and F Class matches will commence Saturday 10 Oct 2020, starting 0830, at the B&G range.  F Class shooters are now half of the competitors as the trigger pull and wind reading required to shoot a good score is great practice for the big bore matches. Additionally, vintage .22lr match rifles shoot exceptionally well off a forward rest and rear sandbag, so if you have one, and a scope, you are ready to go.  F Class shooters and prone shooters all fire the same course of fire, at the same distances, but on different targets.  Rounds are fired single shot.  The match will consist of three 20 round targets at 50 yards, three 20 round targets at 100 yards,  each target with a time limit of 20 minutes, for a cumulative total of 120 shots for record with unlimited sighters on the top of each target.  Shooters are encouraged to bring their own wind flags to supplement the limited number of wind flags placed forward of the firing line.  The more the merrier!  Bring your own pop up to shoot in the shade.   Generally matches are finished by 13:00.   Brian Hunter

50 yd Precision Match:  Go to for details.

Work Party

The Range will be closed for a Work Party on October 31.  If you are able to help out, the following tools will be useful: shovel, garden rake, weed eater, hammer and electric drill/screwdrivers.

NOTE:  Trash barrels always need emptying independent of the work parties.  Let me know how many you have emptied for work time credit.   Be SURE there are no hot coals in any barrels emptied. David Howard