Club member Mike Charness (and host of our monthly Precision High Power rifle matches), recently got an FFL and can do transfers for members buying handguns, rifles and shotguns from out-of-state sellers.  Charge is $25 for the first transfer, and as a Blue & Gray member your second gun transfer is FREE, even if it’s not done at the same time.  Contact Mike at 256-880-2277 or by email at, or visit his website at



.40 cal. Reloading Supplies for Sale; includes: RCBS carbide die set (pn:22115), Lee factory crimp die (pn:S23211), +/- 1000 Rainier 165 gr. bullets (pn:165RNFP) and +/- 1000 pcs. brass.  If interested, please make offer


1) Competition Shooting Jacket by Champion’s Choice, brown canvas, size Medium. $35

2) Shooter’s mitt. Open finger style. Size Medium. $10  3)Shooting matt, padded green canvas. $40

4) Dillon D-Terminator digital electronic powder measure scale. $100

5) RCBS Model 5-10 mechanical powder measure scale and powder trickler. $40

6) Orange “not loaded” plastic safety block magazine insert for AR-15. $5

7) AR-15 cleaning rod guide by J. Dewey. $10

8) Outers “Foul Out” electro-chemical bore cleaner system. With extra supply of chemicals. Never used. $80

9) Freeland Bipod Scope Stand. Both Zoom head & Saddle head, 2 extra 24” range rods.  With Swift Model No. 839 spotting scope. 20-60, straight and angled eyepiece. Never used, with original box. $200

10) Quantity of .375 H&H Magnum ammunition and bullets. Half priced. If interested I can e-mail you the list.

– Almost all of this has never been used.  e-mail me if interested.

– Joe Stegmaier