Club member Mike Charness (and host of our monthly Precision High Power rifle matches), recently got an FFL and can do transfers for members buying handguns, rifles and shotguns from out-of-state sellers.  Charge is $25 for the first transfer, and as a Blue & Gray member your second gun transfer is FREE, even if it’s not done at the same time.  Contact Mike at 256-880-2277 or by email at, or visit his website at

2.  May 2022

NEW 30-06 ammo…I recently gave my only M1 Garand to my grandson, so I have 1400+ rds I no longer need…All New, all brass, reloadable, in 20 rd boxes. 720 rds 150 gr FMJ (specifically made for M1 Garand), rest is 150 gr, 165 gr, 180 gr, PSP, HP, FMJ.  Asking $15/box for 150/180FMJ, $18/box for all others including REM, WIN bonded.
Denny Turner,, 256-426-1119.


3.  May 2022

400 rounds of .223 reloads. Moly coated Sierra 60 gr. HP bullets. $0.50 per round.  Cleaning accessories: false muzzles for M1 and M1 carbine-$5 ea.  AR15 chamber extension tube- $10.

Richard Peters   256 479 5797

4.  May 2022

  1. Colt Python 357 mag 6″ stainless excellent to new condition and one owner. This Python was made in approximately 1983. $3750.00 or the best offer.
  2. IWI Tavor Sar 223 18″ with both right and left-hand barrel has bennet lug and in dark forest green color (an original Military issued). In New condition. $2700.00 or the best offer.

Please call 256-683-6398 John