Range Rules

Range and Safety Rules


Range Rules Revised December 19, 2012

1. Guests must be accompanied by and are the responsibility of a member.

*2. The range gate will be locked at all times.

3. Use the road between the 200 and 100 yd ranges for trips to the 200 yd targets. Minimize driving on the turf.

4. Scheduled activities have priority on range usage.

5. No alcoholic beverages or intoxicated persons are allowed on range.

*6. Fire only on the proper range.

a. Pistol Range – pistols, Rimfire rifles and Muzzleloaders only. NO Center fire Rifles.

b. Plinking Range – pistols or rifles.

c. 100/200 yard Ranges – rifles only.

7. Use target frames correctly, affixing targets so that bullets do not strike frames. DO NOT set up targets short of the backstops such that ricochets can occur.

**8. Cease fire and make weapons safe for all down range trips. DO NOT handle firearms while others are down range.

9. Commence fire commands are the responsibility of the LEFT-MOST involved range.

10. Return all frames to proper storage location and police range when finished, taking all non-combustible wastes off club property.

11. Report all safety or range violations to one of the club officers.

12. No fully automatic weapons or simulated full automatic will be fired. (The hazard of rounds clearing the backstops is too great.)

13. Parking between ranges – DO NOT park so that vehicles obstruct the view along the firing line between ranges. This will allow all shooters on all ranges to see when others are shooting or going down range. Shooters at the 200 yard range should park in plain view so that others know the range is being used.

14. No clay bird shooting.

15. No night shooting.

16. No 50 cal. BMG

*Under certain circumstances, these three rules may be modified by the Executive Officer or by his appointed representative.

**Firearms grounded -Actions open, clips, magazines, etc. removed.


    1. The safety and range rules outline “common sense” safety and usage rules for our club facilities. These rules presuppose that each member is aware of and follows general gun safety, as frequently outlined by the NRA. In the event you are not familiar with general gun safety, please contact the chief instructor or any club officer and arrangements will be made to give you a short course in safety. If you bring a guest to the range, it is your responsibility to be sure the guest understands general gun safety and obeys all club rules.
    2. During scheduled activities, all shooting by non-participants may be curtailed. All other ranges are closed during scheduled a pistol or small-bore match. When the Pot Shots are scheduled only .22 cal. rim-fire shooting is allowed on the pistol, plinking, and 100 yard ranges. This does not mean that no individual shooting is allowed : it means individual shooting can’t infringe on the scheduled activity and scheduled activities have priority on range use.
    3. The club emphasizes use of the proper target frame and the proper weapon on a given range. The target frame must be located in its correct position so that bullets strike the backstop. The small-bore frames are delicate and a direct hit with a high power or muzzle loading rifle or large caliber pistol can destroy a frame. The pipe pistol frames are sturdy but can’t withstand a high power rifle and they pose a dangerous ricochet problem. Not only should the correct frame be used, but the target should be mounted to avoid having the bullets strike the frame. It should also be obvious that all shooting must be at targets and not at frames. Each year the club incurs substantial expense replacing frames that were destroyed by people shooting at them. Any shooting at target frames, frame supports, pistol target ground pipes, cross ties, bottles and the like is prohibited.
    4. Coordination of firing and down range trips is very important for safety and the maximum enjoyment of the facilities. Down range trips on one range require that all other ranges also be made safe.

The person furthest to the left on the left-most active range is responsible to ensure that all ranges are safe before anyone goes down range. A clear, verbal verification from each range that the range is safe is required. In addition, it is the responsibility of the left-most active range to ensure all ranges are clear before issuing the “Commence Firing” order. Out of respect for other shooters, down range trips should be kept to a minimum.

  1. In conclusion, following the general gun safety rules and the club range rules is the responsibility of each and every one of us. We have the responsibility for following them ourselves and also to see that others follow them. Please take note, violation of these safety and range rules are grounds for expulsion from the club.