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June 10 Results:

The day started off nice, but things did get hot enough that Skipper left after 120 rounds. And we all were in the shade. When I left the range, the temperature was 87 F.

I am the match winner with a 1590-95X. Tom Jones shot a good score with his Unertl topped M52D, was match winner for Match 1. Good shooting Tom!

Ritchey Royal set a range record in F Class and shot an amazing two stages with 200’s. It is very unusual, if not rare, to clean the F Class target. I have not seen it done before, and Royal did it at 50 yards, and 100 yards. Congratulations to Ritchey!

Next Match will be 7 Oct 2017, the first Saturday of the month. This will be the annual Retro Rifle match, bring something that is not an Anschutz, most likely sold by the CMP, Tom Jones is well placed to win the match with his M52D.  F class shooters will be welcome. Hopefully, October will be nice, cool, and dry. See you then.

Brian W. Hunter

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